SOS Serbia Posters - Description

I call all international professional designers and people of good will to provide posters in compassion to my people suffering casualties caused by flood, and victims of devastating cyclone Tamara.

Use dimensions 50x70cm, or proportional.
Send us your designs in .pdf not larger than 5 mb and .jpeg 1000px wider side.
Posters will be published online as they arrive.

Send your design via
Subject: SOS Serbia Poster
In e-male make sure to provide author name and country.
Please send us only your files.

As soon as possible posters will be printed and sold on public exhibition or auction.
All of income gathered with this cause will be used only as aid for people endangered by this natural disaster.

All participants will be informed on further activities regarding their designs.
By sending us your poster, you as participant keep ownership rights to promote and use your design, but are giving right to publish distribute, print and sell your design.

Sincerely yours,
Adam Rakićević
SOS Serbia Posters © MAY 2014 All rights reserved by autors.